John Worrall is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in Norfolk and works throughout East Anglia and occasionally further afield. He produces illustrated features for a wide range of publications on a wide range of subjects although heritage, environmental and craft topics figure prominently. He is the East Anglian correspondent for Fishing News, the commercial fishing national weekly.

His first book, East Anglia in Colour (lan Allan/Dial House 1996), was reprinted three times and his second, East Anglia Through The Seasons, from the same publisher, appeared in 2002. His third, North Norfolk − The Heritage Coast, was published in October 2004. His photolibrary, Anglian Images, has extensive coverage of the region, a selection from which can be viewed by searching under his name in the Advanced Search option at

Travelling for Beginners – to Kathmandu in ’72, an account of a minibus trip along the Hippie Trail, is published as an e-book on Amazon.

His novel, A Good Little Mixer, also published as an e-book, is a Thatcher-years tale with naked ambition, sexism and a blatant pitch for the Bad Sex Award.

His latest e-book, A Bus to Somewhere Else, is an account of a trip in South America 1976 – six months, nine countries, two coups and a mugging. But it is really about Long Trips.  Everybody wanted to do a Long Trip, didn’t they? Everyone who called themselves a traveller, anyway.


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