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Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

The Crab and Lobster Festival got the weather – hot and sunny – and a few Festival goers would have gone home… well, lobster coloured, really. Crabs were a bit thin on the ground for the pier crab fishing world but they got a result in both the kids’ and adults’ section, the latter won by a bunch of lobster coloured blokes in funny hats. 

Meanwhile, things are stirring along the coast at another place where the odd crab gets brought ashore. Windfarm developer, Scira, which has begun work on the Sheringham Shoal wind farm, has chosen Well-next-the-Sea as its service base. There was a time, in the days of sail, when this small north Norfolk port handled trade. Coal came in, barley went out and in the 15th ad 16th centures, fishing boats went all the way to Iceland. But things tapered down over the years as ships got too big for its creek and eventually the railway took most of the work. The port still saw the occasional coaster through the 20th century and the Dutch sail trader, Albatros, continued right into the ’90s, the last sail trader to work to the UK. It is now based at Wells quay as a floating pub in between the occasional sail training and corporate entertainment trip. 

But the Scira move, programmed as it is to continue through the decades of the wind farm’s life, will put new life, not to mention employment, into this small town. Read more about it in my piece in the June edition of The Countryman.