After 20 years chartered surveying in London, Sydney and Weston-s-Mare, ( not necessarily in that order and not so much a career as a way of funding some travels: the Hippy Trail, the Gringo Trail, New Zealand),  he saw that life was too short and turned to scribbling and snapping because it was more fun. He made a six-month perambulatory return to Australia followed by a few months getting to 10 of the 15 widely spaced and wonderful Cook Islands before settling in East Anglia on which, these days, his keyboard and camera tend to concentrate although he is easily lured further afield if a subject is sufficiently interesting.

He lives in Cromer on the north Norfolk coast from where he contributes photographs and illustrated features to a range of publications on a mix of landscape, heritage and environmental topics. He is the local stringer in East Anglia for the commercial fishing weekly, Fishing News. He has in the past written extensively for the commercial property press and for the Financial Times.

His photo-library has coverage of eastern England and selected subjects in other parts of the country. He gives talks on landscape photography.

He is the author/photographer of three books on the region: East Anglia in Colour (1996, reprinted 2000, 2001 and 2004, ISBN 0-7110-2454-5), and East Anglia Through The Seasons (2002, ISBN 0-7110-2901-6), both published by Ian Allan/Dial House, and North Norfolk –  The Heritage Coast (2004, ISBN 1-904136-20-6) published by John Nickalls Publications. He took the majority of the photographs in Newmarket, Town and Turf, (2002, ISBN 1-904136-05-02) also published by John Nickalls Publications.

His e-books include two travelogues – Travelling for Beginners, to Kathmandu in ’72, an account of a minibus trip on the Hippie Trail, and A Bus T Somewhere Else, Travels in South America – and a novel, A Good Little Mixer, a tale from the Thatcher-years property investment market which affected most people with a pension plan.

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